Tired of Old Cars Cluttering Your Property? Call on us for Junk Removal Services

Sell a junk car fast and easy with our help in Louisville, KY

If you have a car that hasn't been driven for years, call Brent's Towing LLC before you get rid of it. We offer junk car removal services in Louisville, KY. You can get cold hard cash for your junk vehicle, no matter the condition. When you want to sell a junk car, make sure you talk to us.

Our process for junk car purchases is simple and straightforward. When we buy a junk car, we:

Make an offer for the car
Pay you for the vehicle
Transport the vehicle

It's as easy as one-two-three. Sell your junk car to us today.

Make sure you have the necessary paperwork

When you want to sell a junk car in Louisville, KY, you'll have to submit the necessary paperwork before the transaction can be finalized. We'll need a bill of sale for cars 2006 and older. For cars produced after 2006, we'll need a title that has been signed and notarized.

Why go through the hassle of removing a junk car? Let us perform junk car removal services for you today.